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Meet the brand - Stutterheim


After rains comes sunshine is something every says to comfort themselves during a rainy day. Thanks to Stutterheim, the brand that made rain clothes cool, you can comfort yourself by still looking great despite the rain.

By Henrik Malmberg | Interview | 2016-05-16

We've all probably dream about coming up with that idea or product before everyone else. A product or a service that will have the chance of making you rich and be able to do what you love for a living. Alexander Stutterheim found that product in a old pile of clothes at his grandparents house.

– It all started when Alexander Stutterheim found his granddad old fishing coat and started looking for a modern version of the classic coat. That's when he realized there was no good looking and stylish rain clothes on the market. Alexander decided that he, with inspiration from his grandad old coat, would make is very own rain coat. I worked with Alexander before the first coat was sewn on long nights and weekends on the side of our everyday jobs to realize the idea Alexander had, Johan Loman, marketing director and partner at Stutterheim, explains.

Johan Loman Stutterheim

Johan Loman.

What most people usually forgets when you dream about that unique idea is the work that has to be done to make it happen. The long nights and the weekend at work instead of in the bar that Johan talks about is what it takes.

– Starting a business is both hard and fantastic. At the beginning we were very driven by passion - in a good and bad way. Today our passion is still there and we've learnt from our mistakes we made in the beginning. Like a year go there were no one working at Stutterheim that had any experience of the fashion industry - yet we've managed to grow thanks to being focused and straight forward in what we do and what we offer, says Johan.

All them late night and long weekends have lead to something great. Stutterheim rain coats were trail blazing when they first hit the market and all of a sudden you could still look good, despite the rain. Something nonetheless then Jay-Z took notice of.

– Yes, well initially we were contacted by the CEO of Barneys in New York who wanted to discuss some sort special project. Alexander at the time were working close to people who are working close to Jay-Z. When the coat finally was done and about to launch Jay-Z reached out to Alexander and invited him to his concert in the Globe in Stockholm. The two met and Jay-Z appreciated the collaboration.


The collaboration with Jay-Z gave Stutterheim a whole new audience and publicity and all of a sudden, everyone wanted a Stutterheim coat. There is a saying in the fashion industry that goes: "You know you succeeded when people start copying you." And that's exactly what happened for Stutterheim.

You guys were trail blazing with creating rain clothes that look good and for the first time in a long time people were longing for rain so they could were your coats. How does it make you feel now to see many brands copy-cating you guys?


– We see it as proof that we are doing something good. It also pushes us to keep deliver really good products and also design nu models and colors to show that we can do so much more than just a black rain coat.


Stutterheim also differs from other brands in a quiet unique way. Were other brands get their inspiration from history and how people just to dress Stutterheim finds their inspiration in melancholy.


– Melancholy is connected to bad weather. Very few people are happiest when the rain pours down. We had a early conversation about how bad weather affects you and what it really means to feel down and sad. It's weird that its still tabu to talk and say that you're not the happiest man on the planet. So much around us focuses on the outside, what you show to the world should be nice, happy and it has to look like you live the most amazing life ever. And that's not just true. At least not for anyone at Stutterheim. So it became important for us to talk about that its okay to feel down and that it also can affect creativity in a good way. Think about all the songs that's been written with a broken heart, books thats been written about hard and though subjects, brilliant artist thats been fighting their inner demons and perhaps thanks to that have been brilliant.

Stutterheim Stockholm

Even though rains doesn't please us, Stutterheims rains coats does. Thanks to the clean and timeless design you now have the possibility to look good and dress well despite the rain. We even like to wear the jackets when it's not raining and there is a jacket for every man from Stutterheim.


– There is no typical Stutterhein-man, and thats something we like. Everyone from hip hop artists in USA, to bank men in London, to hipsters in Stockholm, to blue berry picking men on the country side wears our coats and are making their own thing with them.


Your own thing is something you really can do thanks to the clean design of the coats and they goes with basically anything.


– You can wear the coats as you like. Our customers our usually in to fashion and appreciate the minimalistic expression our coats have. They are usually match best with a pair of jeans and pair of shoes that can stand the rain. Thats when our coats are looking their best: when it rains but also when you just wants to dress well.


Johan Lomans 5 best styling tips

1. Workwear jacket
Except for oxford shirts a workwear jacket is what I wear. They always look good.

2. Invest in a nice travel bag or two
That way you don't have to feel embarrassed when you're out traveling.

3. Sneakers
Our Legacy’s are very nice and lasts for long.

4. Color sort your wardrobe
It makes it easier to find the right shade on your oxford shirt.

5. Have a lot of plants in your home
It's soothing, nice and it looks good.






Facts about Stutterheim


Founded: 2010
Main office: Skånegatan, Stockholm
Employees: 25
Revenue 2014: 3 millions USD
Known for: Classic and timeless rain coats.
Favorite piece: The model Stockholm is truly the perfect rain coat. Clean, great length and works with everything.