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Meet the brand - RM Williams


Kangaroos, koalas and RM Williams. The mighty country of Australia is known for a lot of things but perhaps, if you're in to fashion, RM Williams is the first thing that comes to mind.

By Henrik Malmberg | Interview | 2016-05-20

Some brands becomes the franchise brand for a country. Like H&M for Sweden, Louis Vuitton for France, Ralph Lauren for USA and Hugo Boss for Germany. For Australia that brand is, of course, RM Williams. The Australian shoe company has since it was founded in 1932 become one of the worlds most known shoe brands, especially when it comes to boots and chelsea boots.

RM Williams shoes

The founder and the man behind the brand, Reginald Murray Williams, was a simple man with a ability to succeed with practically everything he sought out to do. But of all the things he did, nothing would be as successful and reach the iconic status as the shoe brand with his name on it. He didn't started the imperial of RM Williams himself instead two people had extra influence on him, Charlie Ferguson and the name with the money name, Dollar Mick. Charlie Ferguson were handcrafting boots and leather goods and offered to teach the craft to RM since Charlie himself was almost a cripple.

RM Williams was interested in the possibility to learn but didn't had the heart to tell Ferguson that he couldn't pay for the leather or even wages to the workers. That's when RM Williams came up with the brilliant idea that basically made RM Williams. He put in a ad in the local news paper which read: "Elastic side boots made to order. Twenty shillings. Cash with order. 5 Percy Street Prospect." The orders started flowing in and so did the cash making it possible to produces the shoes. Later on it was Dollar Mick who taught RM the technique thats made RM Williams shoe stand out from the rest. Dollar Mick taught RM how to make the boots with one piece of leather that was sown together at the heel. RM were forever grateful for what Dollar had taught him and wrote this in his autobiography: "My success began the day Dollar came in his mule buggy and asked to stay."

RM Williams shoes

The rest, history. Today RM Williams shoes are exported to 15 countries, has over 50 retailers in Australia alone and around 900 stockis around the globe. The shoes, which were riding boots from the beginning and inspired by the Australian outback, is today more than just works shoes made for the harsh environment of the Australian outback life. It's both the quality of the shoes and it's timeless design that made them so popular. With just a little bit of love and a few sole changes a pair can stand the test of a lifetime. The most classic, and popular, boots is a pair of chelsea boots in either leather or suede in the colors black or brown. A pair of black leather boots goes perfectly with a black suit during the winter or perhaps a pair of grey trousers and a blazer.

A brown pair of boots, in either suede or leather, are the perfect boots to a pair of jeans. You could go with your classic blue jeans, a pair of raw denim or even a brighter wash if the season is right. No matter what model or material you prefer when the cold and dark times are upon you, you do best in dressing your feet in a pair of RM Williams boots to keep you warm and stylish.