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Meet the brand: Ljung

Marcus Ljung started his business during AW 2006 and released the first collection in 2007. Ljung has provided the conscious man everything a wardrobe needs. Next step is to move to England and give London the same opportunity.

By Cimon Nicolas | Interviews | 2015-08-17

From the very start of Ljungs journey Marcus wanted the journey to be clear and timeless. He has chosen the longer way instead of going fast forward to reach his goal: let Ljung fill all the needs for a complete wardrobe. The same photographer has stood by his side since the beginning to create a timeless vision of the company. Nothing is in left for destiny to decide.

– The first couple of years with Ljung was a lot of fun but of course very intense and sometimes a struggle to make it last. At the same time I find it very important to experience both adversity and success. It has been some valuable lessons from being involved with every part of the business. Learning new things and high tempo stimulates me.

The look of the collections is depends on what mood Marcus is in. The brand its a clear reflection of the happenings and interests in life that moment. From being in the ring of martial arts for sports wear to surround himself with the classy atmospheres for a new suit. Ljung will provide you with everything according to Marcus. And from AW15 and on he even surprised himself by creating a women's collection as well.

"For me building a collection is like building a song. You need an intro, a key raising and a chorus to be good"

– I've always said that I will never design clothes for women, mostly because I didn't think I have enough knowledge for it. But during one campaign shoot we wanted a women in the pictures, and I started to create clothes for here out of the mens collection, and after that I just continued to create and design. Today its a full collection that people have already shown interest for.

It's more than obvious that Ljung is in the phase of expanding. At this moment the office is in boxes and ready to be shipped over to Notting Hill in London where they will be unpacked for a new chapter.

– The move is not as dramatic as it may sound, it's more about moving the production and the creative process. The plan after that of course is to make the brand international and London will be a great place to start that process. From my creative point of view I look forward to new influences and platforms, but the heart of the brand won't change.

Where do you get your inspiration from today?
– I enjoy the combination of the classic look combined with the sporty. A lot of inspirations comes from the music i listen to and where I find myself in life at that moment. Now for example I listen a lot to hip hop and I find the culture very interesting and how the how culture is growing in style.For me building a collection is like building a song. You need an intro, a key raising and a chorus to be good.

"I dont understand the preppy look. Why would you wanna look like an old man?"

How would you describe the perfect dressed man?
– Dress however you want to dress as long as you match it with your personality. It only gets wrong when you try to much and it somehow always looks good as long as you feel comfortable and with the right fit. There's only one look that I haven't really understand and that's the preppy look. Why would you wanna look like an old man? Nothing wrong, I just don't get why.

Ljung is definitely here to stay and more ready than ever for some new challenges. And Marcus sure knows what the golden rule for success is when we ask him about the future for the brand.

– In 10 years my biggest wish is to still find this to be the funniest thing I know!