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Meet the brand: Gloverall


From British navy soldiers to one of the most iconic coats there is. This is the story about Gloverall and their legendary duffle coat.

By Henrik Malmberg | Interviews | 2016-05-12

The military as always found their way in to the fashion industry. Maybe not the soldiers and the war of course but rather the clothes. There is a lot list of piece of clothes that were meant for soldiers that you now a days can see walking by you on the streets. The bomber jacket was made for pilots, the always trendy army jacket and Maison Margiela's Replica shoes which is inspired by the running shoes produced by adidas for the German army. These are just a few on that list but there is on that list which you don't connect the dots to the military right away. The duffle coat. This absolute classic with its robust material, characteristic buttons and hoody was meant to keep British sea men warm when the weather got tough on the ocean. How the duffle coat went from a military item to a every day jacket is thanks to now legendary brand Gloverall.

Before Gloverall became Gloverall the founders of the brand, Harold and Freda Morris, got their hands on a large supply of duffle coats from the navy five years after the second world war. The coats sold out almost immediately and the couple realized that there was a market for these coat. They started producing their own duffle coats and Gloverall was born.

Today the duffle coat is a classic in the mans arsenal of clothing and many brands have made their on interpret of the coat but Gloverall made the original. The name duffle actually comes from the city of Duffel in Belgium. The thick and robust material in which the classic duffle coats are made from comes from this city.


– We've managed to remain relevant by respecting the simplicity of good quality craftsmanship, says current CEO Derrick Campbell.

Duffle coat Gloverall

Gloverall, which still today produces their jackets in England, is making the best duffle coat thanks to a long experience and focus on what really matters, quality. A duffle coat needs to fight of rain, cold and winds, just like it did back in the days when it protected British sea men. It's clean and simple design makes it versatile to wear with a sweater and a pair of jeans or over a suit.


– The duffle coat is for everyone. The urban, modern man, the country side man, the business man or just someone who likes a casual and simple look, says Derrick Campbell.


With 55 years of experience Gloverall has established themselves as a well-known brand. Both on their home turf in England but also around the globe. The goal and the vision is though to grow even bigger and reach new markets abroad.


– The goal is to be a global player sort of speak. Gloverall should be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to buy a jacket.

Derrick Campbell 3 best styling tips

1. Invest
Investment in good outerwear pieces.

2. A perfect white shirt
It should hang one in every mans wardrobe.

3. An umbrella.
A must for a Englishman like myself for the unpredictable and shifting British weather.





Facts about Gloverall


Founded: 1951
Main office: Earls Barton, England
Known for: Premium British outerwear.
Favorite piece of clothing: Their iconic duffle coat.