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Meet the brand: Filippa K

Minimalistic, clean and sustainbility are synonyms for Filippa K. The question is now will that change when former Adidas-designer Alexander Schaper is in charge..

By Henrik Malmberg | Interviews | 2015-10-28

That Filippa Knutsson would grow up and work in the fashion industry may not come as a surprise. Her father, Lars Knutsson and his wife was the founders of the legendary jeans brand Gul&Blå. Filippa herself grew up in London with her mom but during the late eighties she moved back to Stockholm and her father to start working for Gul&Blå. Filippa thought the Swedish fashion industry lacked something and she thought she had the answer to it. She wanted to make timeless piece of clothes in a great quality that wasn't depending on the superficial trends of the fashion industry.

The first drawing on what would become Filippa K was drawn at Filippas kitchen table in 1993. Ever since then three words have been the pillar stones of Filippa K; style, simplicity and quality. At the beginning Filippa K only made women wear but the brand quickly got popular and in 1998 the first piece of mens clothing saw the day of light. The year after the first mens wear store opened up in Stockholm and by the turn of the millennium more and more countries saw and liked the simple and clean style that Filippa K delivered.

Well-known department stores like Mr. Selfridge in London and Fred Segal in Los Angeles started selling Filippa K and the brand hit the international market for real. The truth is that today around 50 percent of the revenues comes from countries outside Scandinavia, a proof of how appreciated the clean and the minimalistic style from Filippa K is outside Sweden and Scandinavia.

"Men are too shy and do not dare to try out new looks and combinations"

The year of 2015 the winds of changes blew through the office of the mens department at Filippa K. The designer Morgan Sundberg was replaced by Alexander Schaper, a german designer which last employer was Adidas. Schaper had been working with the Adidas line SLVR and was also in charge of the well-known collaborations with the superstars Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Schapers first collections as a designer at Filippa K was released in the fall of 2015 and Schapers put his Adidas-stamp on the collection by giving the simple and clean estethics of Filippa K a sportier look.

So why give up such a gig at Adidas to start working for a smaller and less flashy brand like Filippa K?


– After more then seven great years at Adidas I was looking for a new challenge and to create a new direction for the Filippa K men’s line sounded very interesting. I think we are on a good way to become more substantial and more clear in our expression.


Filippa K fashion show


In the first collection for Filippa K there were already some influence from Adidas and if Schaper is looking in to the crystal ball of Filippa K he sees more of it.


– I learned a lot about technical constructions and materials at Adidas. To combine that with a more sartorial craft I think is very interesting and modern.


Alexander Schaper also learned something unusual about Filippa K and their employees, something not a lot of people know.


– At Filippa K the employees are with the brand for decades. That’s unusual in this industry and it is great to see that a lot of people are so wedded to the brand.


It’s not only the people working for Filippa K that’s wedded to the brand but also the customer and fashion people. The clean and simple look is easy to mix and match and Schaper likes to see his customer as a man well aware of his look and style.


– I target a man that is fashion conscious, someone looking for a good mix of basics that he can mix with more fashionable pieces. He is confident enough to enjoy his own style. But I do think a lot of men are too shy and do not dare to try out new looks and combinations.


Filippa K fashion show


From the beginning Filippa K has been about sustainability and not have to depend on the trends that come and go in the fashion industry. That’s something Alexander Schaper sees as a strength and it’s something he will continue working with.


– We are constantly working on improving our standards on all levels and to offer the best possible product both from a consumer point of view, but also with the planetary boundaries and sustainability in mind. That’s also a part of my vision for Filippa K and when it comes to the design part of my vision i’m aiming to fuse classic sartorial craft with the energy and modernity of urban sportswear with a bigger focus on individuality.


Alexander Schapers 5 best styling tips

1. Stay true to yourself
Be confident and enjoy your own style.

2. Buy less but therefore better quality
Invest into very good basics and spice them up with seasonal pieces.

3. Too sleek is boring
Try to break up your looks with one piece, either shoes, accessories or one piece of clothing.

4. Invest in good shoes
They make or break every look.

5. This winter is all about big coats.






Facts about Filippa K


Founded: 1993
Main office: Stockholm, Sweden
Employees: 120
Revenue 2014: 62 millions USD
Feature: Minimalistic, clean and easy to match is what Filippa K is knwon for
Favourite piece of clothing: The t-shirts are in an excellent quality and is a must in every mans wardrobe