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Meet the brand: Dr Denim


From a garage in Gothenburg a jeans brand was created that today is one of Swedens biggest actors within the jeans fashion industry. Dr Denim is the family owned business that make jeans with a great fit to a even better price.

By Henrik Malmberg | Interviews | 2016-05-11

We're things are born and started isn't always a question with a clear answer. For example, not even the birth of our very own planet has crystal clear answer. If you ask some people, us for example, it all started with a big bang. But ask someone else and they might say it all began with a bearded man who pointed is magical finger and got to ball in motion. Who the Swedish clothing brand Dr Denim was born is a question with two, well sort of, theories according to one of the co-founders Alexander Graah.

– I like to imagine a small seed was planted when I was around two years old and got a pair of stone washed jeans with a matching jeans jacket from my dad Morten. He was by the time importing Japanese stone washed denim to Europe and perhaps that's why I love clean 80's and 90's denim. If the story doesn't hold up I would say Dr Denim was born somewhere in the beginning of the 00's when my brother Johannes and I, often sober and sometimes not, were talking about denim and our own future. When expensive jeans were the thing we starting working on a vision to go the opposite direction with a modern and very own interpretation of denim. Our ambition was to be the number one within "affordable premium denim" and somewhere in that ambition we started working - Johannes, Morten and me.

Alexander Graah co-founder of Dr Denim

One of the co-founders, Alexander Graah.

One thing do is certain, and that is the year the brand was founded. 2004 the family launched its brand with high ambitions and great ideas. But at first, the product itself didn't match up to the ambitions.

– Honestly our first prototypes wasn't pretty. It was a lot of "learn by doing" at the beginning and we were not even sure we would a accomplish a collection worth it's name. Some of the samples from that time is still locked in a locker in our main office. It's always fun to collect some old relics but it might be too soon for them to see the light of the day right now.

But shame on those who give up. The Graah brothers together with their father never gave up, kept hustling and finally things started to go their way. What once started as a classic garage business is today, 12 years later, something quiet spectacular.


– I don't think a lot people know that today we are one of the biggest independent actors within jeans fashion in Sweden with around 1.5 millions items sold per year.

Dr denim jeans

A quiet extraordinary number. A number Dr Denim has reached thanks to making jeans with a great fit, to an amazing price and made for every man out there.


– We're proud to be including rather then excluding. You can find our jeans on everything from obscure indie musicians to men with a great style sense to 20 year old Instgram-profiles like Reece King and one internationally famous house DJ. A interesting mix to say the least.



Alexander Graahs 5 best styling tips

1. A pair of skinny fit jeans.
Something every man should own..

2. A pair of widechinos or jeans
Preferably rolled up as well..

3. A bomber jacket
In leather or suede. If you happen to be vegan perhaps one in denim is a great choice.

4. A thin belt
In a nature colored leather that ages well.
5. Sunglasses in bamboo
They float if you drop them in water and the frame is in decomposable material which never can be wrong.






Facts about Dr Denim


Founded: 2004
Main office: Göteborg, Kungsgatan
Employees: 21
Revenue 2015: 30 million USD
Known for: Jeans with great fit and even better prices.
Favorite pieces of clothing: This spring and summer, their short chinos called Diggler. Rest of the year, their jeans called Snap.