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Meet David Klint

Frontman N°1

Meet David Klint

By Oscar Arrsjö | Interview | 2015-06-16

The noise pre-empt him. The deep rumble from a Dodge Ram 2500 proclaims his arrival long before he comes in to sight. We meet at Karlbergs Obstacle race track in Stockholm, Sweden. A suiting location to for a photo shoot with the man behind the success story Tough Viking.

David Klint is our first Frontman for his ability to build his personal brand with a well though through, consistent and always well dressed appearance, for his great drive and courage to go all in and because he with a friendly smile, blood, sweat tears managed to create an impressive organisation as well as a beloved and recurring event which we have only seen the beginning of. David Klint inspires us to succeed.


After graduating from Stockholms School of Economics in 2002 his career began in a typical way for new graduates – as a management consultant. Cap Gemini was the first and only employer before the event company BSP was started together with at childhood friend. In 2013 he created Le Pacte, also a company specialised in events. Today employing 25 persons full time and more then 100 temporary staff. The obstacle race, and festival, Tough Viking saw the light 2012 and has so far had 15 000 participants this year.


When I ask him what the main reason for his success is, the tall viking replies that he dares to really go for it if the right idea comes along. The world of event bureaus is highly competitive and Davids lists his competitive instinct as another key success factor.

David Klint

No success without hard work. While IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad sticks his feet into a bowl of ice cold when he gets tired late evenings, Mr Klints trick to recharge during long work days is to drive around alone in his Dodge Ram with a Red Bull pumping loud music. Another thing that eases his mind is when his other education comes in use. He’s a trained climbing wood chopper and like to sit in the top of a tree with his chainsaw hanging from the belt and the nail shoes deep into the wood. ”You don’t answer any phone calls ten meter up in a tree, which is nice”, David says.

Perhaps not the most common way to gather energy. The role models also vary from the stereotypical business leader. Richard Branson and Donald Trumph has in David’s case been replaced by Ragnar Lodbrok in HBO:s Vikings, for his ability to refuse to see any limits and just go for it.

”You don’t answer any phone calls ten meter up in a tree, which is nice. ”

He claims not to have made the greatest misstake of his career yet but highlights to have taken Tough Viking from nothing to something that people want to tattoo on their bodies as the biggest triumph. Managing to launch Tough Viking as the first large obstacle race on the Russian market in Moscow July 25th is runner up.


You were born in the small town of Skara, Sweden, what were your dreams as a young boy?
– All I dreamt about was becoming a combat pilot. Since I knew that I was likely to become tall, like my dad, I measured myself every week from age 12 hoping not to grow taller than the limit 190 cm. When the day finally came for tests I passed them all except for the measurement of one part of my back. It was 1,5 cm too long. I asked them to re-measure me, which they did, with the same result. I walked away crying and followed my father’s footsteps into the Stockholm School of Economics.

David Klint

If you knew what you know today, what would you have done differently?
– I would have gone all in on a martial art and tried to make it to the Olympics. I started training Taekwondo a few years ago and have performed well in a couple of tournaments. Unfortunately I don’t have the time it takes. At age 25 you’re still young and have every opportunity in the world.


Working out is crucial to perform at work. David makes sure to always get 3-5 workouts every week into his schedule. The forms vary from lifting weights, running and Taekwondo combined with a yoga session after he got an idea about it helping him to find his inner calm. ”Feeling strong makes me feel good. My self image is quickly destroyed when I have a cold”, he says.


How fast do you run the Tough Viking race?
– I always start last to assure that the track we have built is good and challenging. The goal is that is shall be hard enough for the elite, but still possible to finish for the rest. Tough Viking varies in distance depending on the location and I can’t say that my times are impressive. I’m more of a strong guy then a distance runner so to speak. I do 10 K in 45 minutes. With my 93 kilos and a lot of upper body work out I perform better on 400 meter.


David’s 3 advices for success

1. Dare to go all in, but be smart and don’t run on every ball and definitely not to early.
2. Education is good but you’ll manage without it if you get an idea of your own that you know will work and is better than anything else out there.
3. Think about what everyone else would have done in every situation and do it better. That way you will become invincible.

David klint


Davids style is minimalistic. He is very conscious about everything he wears, and sees the right clothes as highly important to be confident. Every detailed is considered. And most important is fit. ”I adapt my style depending on who I meet and what kind of meeting I’m entering. If I’m meeting with a sponsor, I go for my weekend look – Adidas sneakers, blue jeans, checked shirt of a hoodie. If I’m meeting with a marketing director of some of our global clients I wear black or grey jeans, shining leather shoes, a black t-shirt and a blazer that has been taken to perfection by a tailor.”


What impression are you aiming for when wearing black jeans, narrow fitted blazer and a black t-shirt?
– Order. You shall look at me and think that I look well dressed without thinking to much about what I actually is wearing.


The combination of driving a truck and wearing chinos doesn’t match, according to this denim lover. And with his basketball player length he stays away from short trousers. He never wears a peacoat. The favourite piece is instead a black jacket of racing type from J. Lindeberg that’s been in his wardrobe for a decade, and the most precious item is his Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea.


By using the right clothes some men have managed to build strong personal brands. How important is it to wear the right clothes?
– Very important. Your surroundings will judge you by what you wear. It’s actually as important as important as what you say in a meeting. If you arrived in the wrong clothes the ascent will simply be to steep.

”I would only take a 9-5 job if everything went to hell and I had to put food on the table for my family”



Do you donate any of the profit to charity?
– We engage several sport associations to help us out with Tough Viking and hopefully they use the money we pay them in a good way.


What would you do if you didn’t do what you do today?
– I choose a long time ago to start my own business instead of being employed. The risk is that I would have stayed at an office with someone telling me what to do. Today I’m doing what I want every day which is fantastic. Definitely my best professional decision.


How important is it for your well being to be successful, could you every take a 9-5 job?
– That’s something I just would do if everything went to hell and I had to put food on the table for my family. The freedom is great even if you always have to deliver 100% since every delivery’s got your name on it.


Where’s David Klint in ten years?
– I’m going all in for the moment. After that we’ll see what happens. Perhaps I’ve started my own timber company chopping trees full time or running a helicopter fleet counting wolfs in the northern parts of Sweden. I think both options can be fun.

Grooming: Elvira Brandt