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How to wear: Sunglasses


The spring is here and so is the sun! That means it's time to hide and feel cool behind a pair of sunglasses. But which pair should you choose and which model suits your face shape?

By Henrik Malmberg | Guide | 2016-04-14

There is no clothing, except for the leather jacket, which can make us feel so cool as a pair of sunglasses. It doesn't really matter which model you prefer, strolling down along the sun-drenched streets in a pair of sunglasses is a powerful feeling. Sunglasses is a must for every man but the question remains, which kind of sunglasses should you have? It very much depends on your taste, but the basic rule is to start from the face shape you have. In this way, you can quickly eliminate a number of sunglasses models that will do you no good and instead focus on the models that will help your look. We are here to help and guide you through which kind of sunglasses that suits your face shape.

Heart-shaped face



Ray Ban

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a pointed chin and a larger forehead. It is important to try to break your face shape with a different shape on your sunglasses. You don't want to have a pair of sunglasses who are thin at the bottom and thick at the top, that will just reinforces your face shape. Instead, you want to break off your face shape and if you have a heart-shaped face you do it best with a pair of round sunglasses. Our favorites comes from the Swedish brand Monokel and also from legendary Ray Ban.

Oval face shape


An oblong face is often characterized by a slightly longer nose and larger forehead that makes the face feels oval. Again, it is important to try to break your face shape and then a pair of aviator sunglasses is the best. We think the best ones are done by Ray Ban, or a square version fromCheap Monday. These sunglasses will make your face not look as oblong.

Round face





By now you have understood what it is to think about when it comes to the shape of sunglasses and the shape of your face: break off. This becomes more important if you have a rounder face shape. If you choose a pair of round sunglasses this will give your face an even rounder and not so flattering shape. You will look best in a pair of sunglasses with rectangular frames. Preferably with marked edges and a little thicker upper side. Therefore, a pair of classic Clubmaster by Ray Ban is a excellent choice. Also Swedish TRIWA have a model that are thicker and more marked upper side of the sunglasses. This will lift your eyes and make your face shape look longer.




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