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How to wear the navy blue blazer

The navy blue blazer is a classic and should be own be every modern man. Not quiet sure how to wear it though? We've got you covered. Just scroll down to be inspired by three different looks.

Av Henrik Malmberg |Guide | 2017-02-07

To build your wardrobe with the basics can take time and even be a bit boring. Shopping basics can seem dull to spend time and money on but trust us, in the end it's worth it. The basics last over season and surpasses trends that come and go and they are usually easy to implement in your everyday looks. We will guide you through the basics, one by one, that you need to own and how you could, and should, wear them. First up: the navy blue blazer.

The navy blue blazer

The mothership of the basics. While the rest of the basics consist of simple pieces like a white t-shirt, a grey sweatshirt and raw denim jeans the navy blue blazer is a stand-out piece. But just because it is blazer it doesn't mean it should come with everything thats goes with the classic suit look like tie, handkerchief and your finest shoes. The navy blazer can, and should, be worn with most pieces in your wardrobe if the rest of the clothes is chosen with great care. We've put together three looks with blazer to show you how you can wear it and to get the absolute most out of your blazer.



The navy blue blazer

The blazer is a piece made for a dressed outfit from the beginning. Therefore it's easy to dress it up. You want to avoid the "suit feel" to it though so let your navy trousers stay put and go for a odd pair of trousers, preferably in khaki, a great color this season. This thin-knitted zip cardigan is the perfect layering piece and will keep you warm if the temperature drops. This combined with our very own navy tie and a small striped shirt with a cut-away collar will give sharp and dressed look.





The casual navy blue blazer

A blazer can sometimes be the final piece of the puzzle that gives your look that little extra. Like in this outfit. A very casual and laid back look with a pair of raw denim jeans, a knitted sweater and a pair of brown brogues which gets and stylish boost with the blazer. This kind of outfit will go nicely with a more dressed blazer, with constructed shoulders, but in this case we've paired it with what we like the most, a casual blazer with unconstructed shoulders and patch pockets. You wouldn't go wrong with a oxford shirt under your sweater if you want to get fancier.





Blazer sporty

The most unconventional way to wear the blazer. The choice of blazer gets crucial here and this one does the job. Here's why: when you go sporty, you want the blazer to match the sporty feel and look to it. This blazer has unconstructed shoulders, patch pockets and is made in a special stretch material which gives you flexibility and gives it a sportier look. Green is always good with navy and the drawstring in the mid waist on the pants adds to the sporty feel. The cherry on the top in this look is the sports influenced sneakers that you practically could work out in. If you do, let the blazer hang back in your closet.