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A guide about shirts


The shirt is a mans best friend. It is today, thanks to endless types of shirts there is, one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can find in a mans wardrobe.

Av Henrik Malmberg | Guider | 2016-12-19

Shirts have been worn ever since ancient times but not the way we were them today. Up until the early 20th century shirts were seen as a lingerie and in some cultures even obscent to be seen in a shirt. A lot has happen since then and today the shirt is probably the most versatile thing you can find in a mans wardrobe. The shirt can be worn dressed up, casual and basically to anything these days. Here's a guide to some of the most popular types of shirts.

Denim shirt

Denim shirt

Denim shirt






The jeans now have a special place in every mans wardrobe. In recent years the garment has crawled they way up from the legs to the torso in the shape of a shirt. Thanks to the endless possibilities when it comes to washes and types of denim fabrics the denim shirt has become a classic piece for every man. It's not just a shirt for cowboys but rather a versatile shirt for practically every occasion.


With the increasing number of denim shirts available the harder it gets to choose which one you should go with. What wash? When should I wear it? And how do I match it? It all depends on what you like but a neutral wash is always a safe card. Generally speaking a darker wash is for darker times and brighter washes for them long summer nights. But that's just generally speaking and there are really now rules on what to wear when. The denim shirt is also easy to match. Any color will do the trick but perhaps the best ones is navy, green and white. These days you can even throw it on under a suit for a cool and updated look of the suit but leave it in the closet when the wedding bells are ringing. Here we've chosed to a bit darker wash on the denim and matched it with a pair of bright trousers, white leather sneakers and pair of clean sunglasses. Simple yet sophisticated.



Linen shirt


Linen shirt

The shirt that helps you look good when temperatures go up. Even though we crave for the summer and it's heat after a long winter the heat also makes it harder to dress well. Some days a T-shirt and a pair of shorts feels like to much to wear. It all comes down to material though to maneuver the heat wave. Linen is the light, it breaths and will keep you cool even when the sun is doing its best to boil you. Since the linen shirt is a relaxed type of shirt you do best by matching it with a pair of chinos, a pair of monk straps and a nice hat to keep you in the shade.



The tuxedo shirt


The tuxedo shirt

The king of all shirts. Well, you might now use it so much but it sure is one of the greatest shirts and it comes with great company. The tuxedo shirt should never be worn without its partner in crime, the tuxedo itself. But what separates a tuxedo shirt to a ordinary fine, dressed shirt? Most tuxedo shirts, not all, have something called pleated chest and the buttons are usually concealed under a placket. Every tuxedo shirt have a double cuff and they are always white. Some of you might think of these details as nothing but unnecessary details but these details are the whole point of the shirt. The expression "the devil is in the details" is truly something to apply on the tuxedo shirt and the details is what makes the shirt so special. If you ever get the opportunity to throw on the tux, go all the way and wear a tuxedo shirt as well. It adds to the already special feeling of wearing a tux and makes the night even more spectacular.



The Hawaiian shirt


The Hawaiin shirt


Dr Denim






Ray Ban


Happy Beads

As the name implies the legendary "good-but-ugly-looking" shirt comes from Hawaii. Its original name is though the Aloha shirt and outside of the island it has been associated with elder man with bad taste in clothing. Although that might not just be the truth any more. The Hawaiin shirt is once again trendy but that doesn't automatically means that you should dig deep in your grandparents closet for a the shirt and just think you are wearing the it-piece right now. You have to tread lightly when thinking about putting the Hawaiin shirt on. Go with a shirt that aren't to bright, it makes it harder to pull off. A down washed version is better and makes it easier to match with your outfit which should be clean and simple. A pair of linen shorts, some white sneakers and simple accessories is all you need to let the shirt itself stand in the lime light.



The flannel shirt


Few garments are so associated with a certain style as the black and red squared flannel shirt is with the lumberjack-look. It's probably the shirt that most people thinks about when they hear flannel shirt but there are tons of different models and colors. Flannel is a close woven fabric which is very soft and fuzzily thanks to its brushed surface.