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The Essentials: The leather jacket


The leather jacket is one of the worlds most iconic pieces of clothing. Legendary men like Marlon Brando, Johnny Ramone and Bruce Springsteen have all had their share in making this jacket what it is today.

By Henrik Malmberg | Guider | 2016-12-19

You often hear about the corner pieces or the "must-haves" in every mans wardrobe: the navy suit, a white oxford shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Well you can add the leather jacket to that list. No other piece of garment gives you more attitude and coolness then the leather jacket. And since it's breakthrough during the 50's there is now endless of variations of the jacket. Making it a jacket for every man and style. As with anything when it comes to clothing, the fit is everything. You don't want it to hang loose like it probably did on your mum or dad. Go for the slim cut for a modern take on the jacket and a much better looking one.

MC jacket

Frontmen biker jacket


Frontmen Collection


Filippa K

The world's hardest jacket. The MC jacket, or the biker jacket as its also called, is a true classic. It got its breakthrough thanks to good old Hollywood during the 50's. "The Perfecto motorcycle jacket" by the american brand Schott was worn by no other than Marlon Brando in the movie "The Wild One". It got wildly popular right away and this particular jacket is now considered the first and baddest biker jacket. The jacket provided Brandos character with an important ingredient used to define the very essence of 'cool'. Something that still implies for the jacket today. Every time you throw on a leather jacket it instantly gives a whole new attitude and you feel like a different person. Our fashion expert, Oscar Arrsjö, worked day and night to give his interpretation of the iconic jacket and the result is magnificent. With this on you this spring, there is no stopping you.


Since the biker jacket went popular the leather jacket itself got popular and after that new models started popping up. The classic biker jacket gives you attitude, to much attitude for some people. Our first leather jacket is a example of a more discreet and clean model with the same shine as only a leather jacket can bring. Its easier to wear in a more dressed up outfit with its clean look. It's made in a incredibly soft lamb nappa making it extremely smooth and flexible to wear.

Frontmen leather jacket


Brown leather jacket


A classic. If you ever wandered in to a second hand shop the odds are that you have came across a brown leather jacket. Very popular in the seventies with its comfortable loose fit. Even though you don't see the same amount of brown leather jackets on the streets these days you still see another type of jacket from the seventies which recently got its revival. The suede jacket, which is also a leather jacket since suede is just the inside of the skin on the animal, is probably the hottest pieces of clothing you can wear right now. The suede gives you a special glow and a extremely luxurious feeling to it. There fore we choosed a tan brown suede jacket instead of the classic brown leather jacket. And also because we like it more.

BLK DNM suede jacket



White leather jacket


The black leather jackets nemesis. To wear this jacket you need courage, balls and some sense of styling to pull it of. The legendary Johan Lindeberg, founder of both J.Lindeberg and BLK DNM, as been seen in a white leather jacket and he surely pulls it off. That doesn't necessary means you will. Our recommendation is to go with the easier, more classic and better looking black option. It doesn't take much for the white jacket to be a "hi-look-at-me" kind of jacket, in a bad way. The black dito gives you enough attitude and the white one can look a bit desperate. But if feel like you could pull it off, we are not the one to stop you, but don't come and say we didn't warn you.



Red leather jacket


Red as always been a difficult color to pull off. The darker the red, the easier it gets. But the brighter it is, the more of a stop sign you probably look. Especially if you choose to go with a red leather jacket. When it comes to this jacket there only just one person who have ever pulled it off and actually looked good in it and thats is the great Michael Jackson. When he stood out among zombies in the iconic dance routine in the even more iconic Thriller video the jacket actually makes sense. On you on a Tuesday, probably not. We are not the ones who say no to color, although we're Scandinavian, when it comes to the leather jacket, less is definitely more.