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Dress like Beckham

David Beckham is one of our times biggest style icon. With simple tricks he manage to always to make his outfit look stunning and we will of course help you get the former midfielder style.

By Henrik Malmberg | Guider | 2016-12-19

We decided to dig through the archives in an attempt to boil down David Beckhams style in a few outfits. Whether we succeeded or not is uncertain but we got three great looks from the former midfield general and we got the recipe for you to pull off his style. It's never easy to replicate a style icons on style but thanks to Beckhams quiet easy going style you don't have to get too flare or cool to be able to pull it off. Although Mr. Beckham has that "throw-whatever-garbage-piece-of-clothing-on-him-he-still-looks-like-a-million-bucks" type of aura you can be inspired by his style and not be shy to try it on yourself. Since his style can best be described as simplicity one thing becomes more crucial then ever, the fit. The fit on the clothes needs to be perfect otherwise you will look sloppy and not even close on resemble to great Beckham. Let's dig right into it.

The winter look

David Beckham clothes


Hugo Boss





The colder the weather, the harder it is to stay stylish. It pretty much comes down to having a great coat that stands out and that's exactly what the double breasted coat does. With more attitude then its single breasted dito you straight away gets the "I am someone important" kind of feeling when you throw it on. We talked about the fit, and this one from Oscar Jacobson as a slim and tight fit, which is preferable. You don't want it to look like a big garbage bag over you. Match it with a nice scarf and a pair of great leather gloves to keep you nice and warm. In this particular image we think Mr. Beckhams pants are a bit loose, we blame that on the trend at the time, but we suggest you go with a slimmer and more narrow style on yours. Again, Oscar Jacobson does the trick. And last but not least a pair of well-polished shoes from Loake.

The navy suit

David Beckham kläder






Tiger of Sweden

The suit. One of David Beckhams signature outfits and the fit gets even more crucial here. Its not a easy to find a suit that fits well when you buy it of the rack but don't worry, we are here to help. In our mind, the best suits right now is made by Oscar Jacobson. The fit, the shoulders and the overall quality and style of them makes them number one in our books. When you have the right size, which you should know, all you gotta do is to hand it over to your local tailor and let him, or her, do the final touches. That way the suit will fit your body and will look impeccable. If you are the one of the lucky few where the suits fits well from the get go, well lucky you. Once the fit of the suit is made right, all you gotta do is match it with a crisp white shirt, a clean tie and white pocket square and you're golden. Now you might not have the facial looks of David Beckham but at least you gotta a great looking suit.

The t-shirt and jeans look

David Beckham kläder




Filippa K

If the suit is one of David Beckhams signature outfits we are safe to say this look, the t-shirt and jeans-look, is his signature outfit. No living person, rest in peace James Dean, pulls of the t-shirt and jeans-look quiet like Mr. Beckham. How come he makes this outfit look like the most thoughtful and great outfits every combined? Well, he has that "aura" we spoke about but again, it comes down to the fit. First, the t-shirt, its not to tight and its not to loose. It fits well both over his torso and his arms and your job is to find the brand or t-shirt that fits the same on your body. A great place, or brand, to begin your search with is Filippa K. Our favorite brand when it comes to t-shirts, great quality and a superb fit. Now the jeans, we all have our favorite brand or model and ours is Tiger of Sweden and their model Pistolero. Its slim fit that narrows towards your ankle but it never gets "Ramones-tight". Top of your outfit with a great watch from, like this on from TRIWA.