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Casual outfit


A blazer is not just a great choice in a whole suit but it works as a clean spring jacket as well. If you wear it right. Don't worry, we will help and guide you to a casual and sophisticated spring look.

Av Henrik Malmberg | Guider | 2016-12-19

Casual oufit

To wear a blazer is not something everyone feels comfortable in, it can make you feel to dressed up or stiff. All for nothing though as with the right blazer and the right outfit you can both look stylish and comfortable. All you need is the perfect blazer and the Swedish legendary brand Oscar Jacobson is giving you just that. A clean blazer with a unconstructed shoulder gives you that casual look you want and not the formel look you get with a blazer with a constructed shoulder. When you have the blazer, you lose the shirt and go with a simple and sophisticated sweater from Filippa K. A great color combo with the blue blazer and truly a must in every mans wardrobe. For pants a pair of blue jeans is always a great choice and top it of with a pair of box fresh leather sneakers from Filippa K and you're golden. Now all you need now is great pair of glasses, Ray Bans Wayfarer is a classic, and a brown leather bag to really nail it. This is a perfect outfit for spring and great for everyone not quiet sure if you could rock a blazer, well now you can.