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House Akerudden by MNy Architects


If you've ever heard of Tenala your Finnish geography is off the chart. In case you don't, it's located approximately 100 kilometers from the capital Helsinki and it's home to this stunning house. It might not look as great on the outside but the inside is extraordinary.

By Henrik Malmberg | Architecture | 2016-09-21

The architectural style of this house is based on the characteristics and cultural context of the site. The mastermind behind this house, Mathias Nystrom of MNy Architects, goals for the design were authenticity, simplicity, locality and sustainability. The building’s idiom is simple; an oblong that settles naturally into the landscape of the open field. Its simplicity and obvious modesty approaches vernacular architecture with honesty and without pastiche. The load-bearing solid timber structure is an interpretation of the building traditions more commonly seen in the Baltic Sea regions. The timber frame structure is known as Fachwerkhaus in German. This style is evident in the natural structural rhythms of the interiors.

All the living areas have lake views, and the use of sliding doors, harmonious surfaces and large windows create the illusion of a much larger house. Nature and variations in light have a powerful presence within in the building. The explosive vibrancy of spring, romantic glow of summer fields, earthy colours of autumn and dazzlingly clean light reflected off winter snow create their own atmosphere within the various volumes of the house.

Photos: Kuvio Architectural Photography and Mathias Nystrom.