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20th Street by Mork-Ulnes

With a small budget the Mork-Ulnes managed to make an big impact. This, and what we would have guessed could have been Batmans getaway, house is truly popping out on the streets of San Fransisco.

By Henrik Malmberg | Architecture | 2016-01-11

In a city the size of San Fransisco and with its many sightseeing places its difficult to stand out. But this house and the 20th Street, designed by the architects Grygoriy Ladigin and Casper Mork-Ulnes at Mork-Ulnes, truly does. With it's matte black surface the building it pops out nicely in it's otherwise beige neighborhood. With its location, the steep hills and the third new floor the balcony on the front provides an great view over the bay area.

The same hills that poise the residence to have panoramic views also create a notably steep backyard. This sectional condition is celebrated as it enables a connection directly from the third floor to the back garden via a steel catwalk. The inside of the house is designed in a clean and fresh fashion which makes a nice contrast to the black outside. It's safe to say to Mork-Ulnes really knocked it out of the ballpark with this house.

Photos: Bruce Damonte